About Us

Inspiration, Passion, and Vision.

A company built on love...

And Integrity

ELERS MEDICAL® was established to transform the health and well being of millions of people worldwide. We work constantly to find ways to reduce hospital-acquired infections, which account for 136.000 deaths and $27.7 billion in direct hospital costs annually only in the EU and USA. Today we design and manufacture a complete range of over 30 different unique professional infection control products, the latest product group being Elers Medical Antimicrobial Disposable Curtains.

We believe that everyone, where ever they are in the world, deserve access to safe healthcare environment.

Who We Are?

Your Complete Partner in Innovative Preventive Care Solutions

We strive to find the latest technologies that prevent Hospital Infection outbreaks and get these innovations to our partners and end users safely.

We design, manufacture and distribute a complete range of unique infection control products. Our mission is to bring the global healthcare costs down by 1%, as the Hospital Acquired infections cause the world healthcare a 9% cost.

Why We Are Here?

WHO warns common infections will no longer have a cure and could lead to persistent death. This is due to the fact that we are using the last resource of antibiotics. We provide solutions that help people handle these challenges we are inevitably facing.

Built on Scandinavian roots, combined with team of international experts gives us an edge for getting new ideas to the market rapidly. This is why we’re one of the fastest growing companies in infection control industry – We transform healthcare.