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Antimicrobial Disposable

Disposable Hospital Curtain range is available as untreated polypropylene curtains and curtains treated with antibacterial solution. Unlike traditional textile curtains, ELERS MEDICAL® Antimicrobial Disposable Curtain fabric is not suitable for bacterial survive and reproduction. The antibacterial activity neutralizes harmful bacteria once it comes into contact with the surface of the fabric. This directly helps to reduce pathogenic transfer from the surface of the curtain to the patient or staff member. Requiring no laundering or costly initial capital expenditure, ELERS MEDICAL Antimicrobial Disposable Curtains should become an integral part of every hospital's overall infection control protocol. Available in a wide choice of colours and sizes, ELERS MEDICAL Antimicrobial and Untreated curtains are a proven cost effective Infection Prevention solution for healthcare facilities

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Protective Wear
Gowns, Face Masks, Coveralls and Surgical caps

Our range of Protective Wear is defined by wide selection, exceptional quality and innovative design.

ELERS MEDICAL single use isolation and surgical gowns include a comprehensive selection of styles.

ELERS MEDICAL single use surgical and procedure masks offer clinicians optimal mix of comfort and protection at all three levels of fluid resistance, type I type II and type IIR. Our comprehensive line of medical face masks are compliant to EN 14683: 2019 standards and come in a great selection of styles to fit a wide variety of faces and clinical requirements. ELERS MEDICAL masks are comfortable, highly breathable and hypoallergenic.

Variety of ELERS MEDICAL single use Coveralls from Cat I to Cat III.

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SleepAngel® Barrier

CE-marked award winning SleepAngel® bedding products by Gabriel Scientific are clinically proven barriers against pathogens. SleepAngel®, Class I Medical Devices, designed without seams or zippers are a proven part of HAI reduction in clinical environments. Ventilation is enabled through the PneumaPure™ microbiological filter on the cover. PneumaPure™ Filter Technology enables the product to ventilate but prevents the passage of liquid and air borne pathogens that colonise the interior of standard bedding products. Tested towards human Corona viruses among other micro-organisms.

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Zirconia Indurate

Elers Medical Composites manufactures over 600 variations of Zirconia products for dental restoration. Multi-Layer Light and Dark, Translucent, Highly Translucent and Opaque CAD/CAM disks, all created in close collaboration with TOSOH Japan for a maximum customer satisfaction.

All of the units from our production line are of the highest premium quality by use of world's ultimate TOSOH Nano-disperse technology, tailor-made high-tech European machinery and highly specialised manufacturing process. We call our Zirconia products INDURATE.

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The passive safety syringe with retractable needle

Passive retractable safety devices are designed to improve healthcare safety and minimize needle-stick injuries. SafeR® Retractable Syringe works like a classic standard syringe, which is easy to use without specific training required. Syringe features a one-touch coaxial needle retraction system that automatically activates upon completion of the injection.  

Auto Disable (AD)
Re-Use Prevention (RUP)
Sharp Injury Protection (SIP)


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Rapid Test for home use and professional use

The NADAL® COVID-19 antigen rapid tests deliver highly precise results in just a few minutes, cost a fraction of PCR tests and thus free up laboratory capacities.

The NADAL® COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test – a chromatographic lateral flow immunoassay – checks for protein fragments from the virus and thus for its direct, physical presence in the body. It is performed using a swab from the oral cavity or the nasopharynx.

Test properties
Optimised testing process
✓ High specificity (> 99.9 %)
✓ Highly sensitive with high viral loads: 97.56 % (ct-value: 20 - 30)
✓ Easy to use
✓ Fast and reliable test results in just 15 minutes
Testing can be performed using nasal, naso- and oropharyngeal samples
Can be stored at room temperature
✓ All test components
– including sterile swabs – are included
✓ No cross-reactivity
with seasonal coronaviruses (like hCoV-229E, -HKU1, -NL63 and -OC43) nor influenza viruses (like influenza A/B)
✓ Self-use tests packed in 1pc and 5pcs per box

Manufacturer Nal Von Minden GmbH. Made in Germany, EU.

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